Thursday, 18 November 2010

Out of Hibernation

Wow! It's the 18th and my first post for the month. I have no excuses other than I have been focusing on work, family life and football trading. 

So what has been happening in the trading world? Well for a start I attended the Football Trading seminar in Bedford last Saturday. It was a great event hosted by Bingo and Adster and a pleasure to put faces against many of the virtual community. There was a lot of useful information on offer as the day was conducted in more of a user workshop and discussion atmosphere. The highlight of the day was Bingo's comical mad panic as it suddenly dawned on him that the previous evening he had put a rather large opening bet on 2-2 in the Aston Villa v Man Utd game and that the game was at 2-2 with 5 minutes to go! He needed to green up before a 5th goal and the internet connection was very slow. He managed to trade out in time and picked up a tidy sum. Well done mate.

We all traded the 3pm matches with most of us opting for the Tottenham v Blackburn game. The strategy paid off with a nice £30ish profit. At the end of the day Bingo asked what each persons profit or loss was. The person who lost the most was suddenly announced as the winner of the Bet Angel Professional prize of a years software subscription which was generously donated by Peter Webb and his team.

If there is another event, I will attend for the social rather than the learning aspect. Trading Football truly is a great service, with great user camaraderie and run by two great guys. 

My own trading exploits have been sporadic but I have managed to reach a profit of almost £250.

Finally, The Geeks Toy will continue to be free throughout 2011, which is great news as the new 1.1 version now includes advanced charting and market overviews.

There will be approx four weeks in the year where the software can only be accessed after a donation of £5 to Geeks nominated charity.  This marvellous initiative starts this week with all proceeds going to the Children in Need appeal. Check out their forum as there are many fund raising activities on offer including the Plugathon where The Geek has pledged to donate £25 for every blog/website taking part.

           The Geeks Toy, probably the best Betfair trading software in the World.