Friday, 24 December 2010

Off and Running

It was such a relief getting back in the swing of things (excuse the pun) last night. I didn't do much but at least it was a start.

I miss trading the horses but now that the days have started getting longer it won't be too long before I can enjoy Windsor each Monday evening.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Reinvigorated and Ready to Return

There has been a couple of important personal issues over the past few weeks which has meant focusing less on trading, blogging and general online activity. My routine had been turned upside down and it has really been a case of putting on hold a part of my life that I have enjoyed so much over the past three years.

Things are getting back to normal and last night was the first time in quite a while that I started thinking about getting back into the trading habit. I read my blog from start to finish and was thankful that I had documented my trading life. It has reinvigorated me and reinforced my belief that although it is sometimes stressful, this is what I want to be doing and that the main objective is that the small financial benefits can be shared with my family. I was suprised to see many goodwill messages left for me and I thank everyone for taking the trouble to contact me. I know I have neglected many requests about the availability of the spreadsheet. I will get back to everyone who has contacted me about it. I am going to make it available as a software product rather than a spreadsheet but I still need to do some work on it over the festive season.

So even though Christmas is just upon us I will be blogging with my hapless exploits as regularly as I can. I will update my past few weeks thin results late this evening..

I am very happy to be back.