Sunday, 11 April 2010

Onwards and Upwards

I used the 'Blogger draft' designer template system to create my page and have now discovered that I cannot make any amendments to the HTML code in the layout tab as blogger throws an error each time I try to save. I had a delve into the forums and it looks like it is a global problem so be warned!

I suppose I can't complain as the designer is still in test but it looks like I will have to redesign so that I can do the simple things such as centre the blog title or introduce some shading.

Had a marvellous day with the horses. Confidence is everything in this game and it makes such a difference to get off to a good start. With so many races today I decided to use Bet Angel rather than Geek so I could take advantage of the Guardian facility. Guardian enables you to monitor multiple races simultaniously. It is a great tool if you have many open positions in different races. It has been a while since I used the BA ladder and it took a bit of getting used to. BA is very resource hungry and sometimes my low broadband speeds result in a stop start ladder performance but today it performed adequately and together with the charting netted me a satisfying £120.47.

I was also about £60 up on the football thanks to the Aberdeen and Cartagena games before I descended into the depths of the dreaded 0-0 scenario! I have never seen so many 0-0 scores in one day and unfortunately I was on a few of them.
Stoke v Wolves
Blackburn v Man.Utd
Dinamo Bucharest v Brasov
Cluj v Rapid Bucharest (finished 1-0 but was out before the 78 min goal).

Having said all that I was pleased that I managed to keep to my exit stategy on each occasion and there is no better feeling that after taking the loss the game ends 0-0.

I am currently trading the final round in the Masters so hope to have a good start to Mondays total.

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