Sunday, 2 May 2010

Hooray! A Profitable Day

A good start to the new month and a big relief for me. As you know I was starting to question my ability and lack of discipline. This time I was really focused and as such didn't make any stupid decisions.

It is inevitable that there are losing horse races. I had three significant losses of £26, £17, and £35 and in each case I took it on the chin and didn't take it in play. Despite these losses I managed to end the day with profit on the horses  £73.  I was very conscious of the timer and made sure I exited my position in plenty of time.

I am looking forward to watching the Sheffield Wed v Crystal Palace game on BBC1 later today. It promises to be a very dramatic match. This is in complete contrast to the Liverpool v Chelsea game which I think will be an easy win as Liverpool have no incentive to raise their game. I am not saying that they won't try, they just won't find that bit extra in order to compete with Chelsea. The Betfair prices reflect this with Liverpool at 4.9 to win.

In the words of Money Tree (BF forumite) this is a nailed on away win!


Anonymous said...

Just for interest what size stakes are you using for your horse trading.

Handy Andy said...

Hi Anon,

I usually lay to a liability of between £100 and £250. So for example if the odds are 4.0 I usually bet/lay £50. Likewise if the odds are 2.0 then I will back/lay £100. I have posted up a very successful race I traded. The horse kept on steaming and you can see some of the trades I was putting in.
Unfortunately I do not get it right some of the time and exit later than I should.