Saturday, 15 May 2010

A Record Day

Having settled down on the sofa with a beer ready to add to my page, the next thing I know it's 8.30am in the morning. It's been a long hard week so perhaps yesterdays hard work and excitement was just too much for me to take!

This is the most I have won in a single day on the horse markets. I traded 33 races with the first race starting at 5.40pm. There were 3 or 4  that were scheduled go off at the same time but I managed to flick between them to get in some decent trades. I lost small amounts in only 3 of the races and £75 was gained by trading off in play in 4 races, 3 of which were accidentally put in play. The other 26 races were pure profit from trading.

How did I do it? 

I hope anyone reading this who traded the 5 evening meetings will agree with me when I say that the markets were acting different to normal. In my opinion most of the big traders didn't bother. Aintree, Hamilton, Newcastle were a dream to trade. The movements seemed natural with no sudden change of direction. When a horse drifted or steamed it seemed to continue in that direction for the duration of the pre race.  The two Irish meetings had reduced liquidity but not so low that you couldn't trade. At times the Irish markets were as volitile as an in play market but without the worry of suddenly hitting 1.01 or 1000. Whenever I saw the price start bouncing around I would immediately put up two prices amounting to about £150 liability 5or 6 ticks apart and the market would swallow them up within a few seconds. I did this many times without struggling to get filled. I could green out on all outcomes with £5 or over on one trade.

I am not doing anything special this afternoon so will be hoping to continue where I left off.

As I am not Superman, I couldn't watch the Cricket and trade the horses at the same time but I did keep an eye on the situation on Betfair's cricket page. I saw the price of Pakistan go down to 1.01 but when I looked at the score I thought that even a £100 lay was £1 wasted as there was no way that Australia could win the game but of course 1.01's are there to be broken and I was left with the usual gutting feeling of the missed opportunity!


Despite my strong performance yesterday, my consistent losses, especially my 2 biggies, are keeping the daily average below where I'd like to see it. You will notice from the Analysis Tab (below) my current average is £18.25 and I need to acheive a daily target of  £35.33 for the rest of the year to reach my £9,000 goal. I can't remember why I have set a target of £9,000 rather than a normal £10,000 but I am sure it will come back to me! You will also notice that if I maintain my current average then I will reach my target 8 months late.

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