Monday, 3 May 2010

Ton Up

It's shortly before midnight and there's nothing better to get  you to sleep than a thoroughly boring Snooker final which will probably still be going when the kids get up for their breakfast! For those trading on the frames it must be heaven as both players are determined to miss as many shots as they can! I did get involved with a couple of frames but to be honest I can hardly keep my eyes open and I have been caught out many a time falling asleep before closing a trade!

As you know from my previous post I was pleased at my efforts at acheiving a tidy sum from one race on Sunday but this pales into insignificance compared to Mr Bet Angel's efforts in the 2000 Guineas on Saturday.

Don't ask me how he does it. I guess he's one of those naturally gifted guys I was referring to last week.

Handy's stupid errors surfaced once again on Sunday night. Had I stopped at 11.00pm I would have shown a small green for the day......but oh no..... I have to have another couple of goes before the nights out! Firstly I get my knickers in a twist in a Snooker frame which lost me £30 and then followed that up trading a US horse race only for it to suspend a little quicker than it should have (and there is no inplay) leaving me with a liability that matured of £47.80. So I ended with a loss of £67 which wiped out Saturdays good start.

Today (Monday) was a different kettle of fish!  I traded 40 races and came out green in 34 of them netting me £96. I found it very easy to predict the market and I am wondering again whether there were less pros trading. Perhaps they have taken the day off.  Or is it because I decided to use smaller stakes which were swallowed up without being noticed. My individual race profits were much smaller than  they usually are but if I reach profit 85% of the time by doing it then I will be happy.  I finished the day with a satisfying profit of £129.31 thanks to a few other trades.

Before I finish I need to vent my anger at the Eng v WI 20/20 game. Someone needs to get hold of Mr Duckworth and Mr Lewis and let them know that their formula for revising targets does not work in the 20 over format! How can it be fair to give the WI a target of 60 runs in 6 overs when they can use all 10 wickets. All they need to to do is slog without a care about losing wickets. Surely what needs to be done is have the score revised every time a wicket is lost or allow more time before starting to deduct overs. The powers that be need to take a hard look at this because if the bad weather continues then this cricket tournament will be a total farce!

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