Monday, 28 June 2010

Back in the Green

It was a bad start to the trading day. The Grand Prix was more like a procession rather than a race and there weren't that many options to reduce my loss. The rest of the day was positive (apart from England of course). Once we had fallen 3-1 down I decided to trade the horses. I traded the last 8 races without pictures and was more conscious of the time so I was really good at closing my trades well before the off. The liquidity was reasonable for the few races that were on while the footie was still going and I found the movements easier to predict. The big boys were probably down the pub! I also did a handful of US races late in the evening to achieve £56. 

That's £100 on the horses over the past couple of days and hopefully I am over my bad run of results.

Gained a little profit on the cricket and the evening football to help turn the bad start around and finish the day with a profit of £42 and more importantly put me back into the green for the month.


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