Thursday, 17 June 2010

More of the Same

My bad run continues. I had just five losing days in May and so far there has been nine in June. I am going to give it one last go tonight and if I end up red then I am going to give the horses a rest and concentrate on the football and cricket for a few days. I know I can do it but confidence is a large part of success and by giving the sport a rest maybe I can return stronger. I keep seeing that £357.68 on my charts and it just frustrates me. I know I have to forget about it.

I have set up a line chart just for the Horse Racing P/L and it doesn't seem so bad. Maybe I should refer to this everytime I feel down about the last few days.

Now that £1,000 is unrealistic for this month, I have amended my monthly target to £400 so at least I have something achievable to aim at. I will be happy with that profit after the difficulties I have suffered over the first half of the month.

If you remember I commented on Saturday about the large market jumps on the horses and I noticed it happening again over the past evenings. Low grade racing has always been volatile but not this bad. Or am I just imagining things.


dj said...

I found in play liquidity very low for last evenings races. Don't know why, but it causes the market to stagnate then move very quickly. I lefyt it alone in the end.

Betfair Trader said...

You probably need to stop setting targets and look at the bigger picture. It's only natural we'll want to keep a check on how we're doing but the same as we wouldn't worry about a losing race continually checking your pnl will just put you in the mood to claw it back which leads to mistakes and errors.

£86 down for june might not be brilliant but you've traded long enough to realise a few good days and that'll easily be in profit.