Saturday, 12 June 2010

Wait Until The Fat Lady Sings

I often hear about miraculous come backs, overturning what seems an impossible situation. The first thought I usually have is that I wish I would have been active in that market However this time I was active and I watched with utter disbelief as events unfolded before me.

It was a cricket Twenty20 game between Hampshire and Somerset. Somerset batted first and struggled throughout managing just 104-7. The odds at the start of Hampshire's chase was 1.10. I was hoping for a very early wicket to push the odds out a bit so I could place a back on Hampshire. The early wicket came, I placed my back bet and layed off later for a small profit of £9.60. The closing trade was my best decision of the day as events unfolded. Hampshire were poised for victory at 93-4, requiring only another 11 runs in almost four overs to see off Somerset's challenge. In the end Hampshire could only manage a further 4 runs losing the rest of their wickets. 1.01 was well and truly slaughtered and it goes to show that the game is not over until it is mathmatically impossible to change the likely result.

My daily trading continues to plod along. Another profitable day without too much excitement. I didn't do too much on the horses as I was flicking over between the cricket and the football.

I traded a couple of US races after mignight so I am already up £11 for today.

I have been thinking of withdrawing some of my profits for some time but in the past when I have withdrawn I seem to go on a losing run!

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