Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Last Day Rally

The month ended positively. I traded 19 evening races to record my highest horse total of the month. As I have said many times, in each session I can either read the market perfectly like today or find that it goes in exactly the wrong direction. There is never any middle ground. 


Unfortunately my speculative lay of £200 at 1.07 when England lost their fifth wicket came to nothing.........well you never know!!!!

Looking back over the month there are too many red days to make any serious progress and the 14th June was a day to be forgotten but the last six days have been encouraging and I hope to be able to continue in the same way. Positivity is very important to trade successfully and I was definately affected for a week after my large loss as my results in the horses show. 


I have mentioned before that I would like to start to get involved in the Tennis markets so I popped along to the Tradesharks website during my lunch as Paul invited followers to watch him trade the Federer Quarter Final for free. His decision making was perfect and by the early games of the second set he was already up by £70. Unfortunately after 40 minutes I got cut off and couldn't get back but looking at his webpage he went on to total £100 and then made another £100 on the Nadal game. I would have liked to have seen him struggle, not because I am a jealous sod but just to see his exit strategy because minimising losses are the key to success. He may be doing it again on Saturday so why not pop along if your serious about Tennis markets. I certainly will.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mate I read your blog all the time and was wondering if you would swap links

Many Thanks

Anonymous said...

Agree with you about tradeshark tennis,paul is a very helpful tennis trader with patience to boot.