Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I Miss My Ladders

I am currently working away in Paris and unfortunately the recent french betting restrictions mean that I am unable to login to Betfair or use the software applications. Surprisingly I can still access iBetmate so at least I can trade the sports that do not require quick responses such as the footie.

I have made another £40 since Sunday and I will update the stats when I am back in the UK tomorrow evening.

It's very boring in the evenings here so I have taken the opportunity on catching up with the many blogs I follow. One that has especially taken my interest tonight is Full-Time Traders Mindset. Jack hasn't posted for a while and was about to drop off my blog list. If you scroll down his page you will see that he has put a couple of links up to recordings of him trading. 

Now before I go on I have to say that he has a service called Sports Trading Journey which has absolutely nothing to do with me. It is just a massive coincedence the names are almost the same. I don't even know the guy. When I started this blog towards the end of March I did a search on similar names and nothing came up so I guess I was first!

Anyway, there aren't too many people prepared to show how they trade  but this is one guy who does it well with great commentary. There is another video on http://sportstradingjourney.com/.  I am guessing that at some point there will be a charge but while it's free it's great viewing.

Nothing much else to report other than to say there's nothing 'english' on the telly and the broadband connection has suddenly gone very slow that I am suffocating with boredom. I am missing my daily fix of all the action on those ladders and it looks like a rare early night is in order!

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