Saturday, 28 August 2010

Target Practice

Yesterday evening saw my first serious horse trading session since I took my break. Well it started seriously but soon descended into a little chaos due to my idiotic targeting.  

By the time the UK horses ended I was about £47 up and I thought that it would be nice to get to £50 so I did some greyhounds and US racing and whatever I did I could not get over that £50. At 10pm I was £44 up and thought I could earn that extra £6 by backing Coolio for £25 at 1.28, after all when was the last time a potential evictee failed to leave at such short odds. Crazy I know and I paid the price but managed to make it back after a few US races.

As you can see from the above chart I had a bad day on the football whilst I was on holiday. I was in a bar watching the Man.Utd v Newcastle game and naturally alcohol and sensible reason do not go hand in hand so my trading on iBetmate left alot to be desired.

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