Saturday, 7 August 2010

Top of the League

I make no apology that as an avid QPR supporter and loyal season ticket holder I had to get that in at the beginning!

This is my last post for about a week. I have the week off next week for the sole purpose of taking time with the family. We had a big holiday in Florida last year and we always knew that we would spend a cheap summer at home. My wife has always been supportive when I spend considerable time on the computer and always watching the horse racing so it's only fair that I show respect  by leaving my computer off and not blogging for at least one week. It can be very lonely trading and at times you can feel very isolated but despite this it's important to always remember that family comes first.

Now that's not to say that I may have the odd bet via the Iphone app but serious horse trading is off the menu.

Since the first day this month I have not been seriously trading anyway and results have been small but most importantly they have been consistently green. I obviously do better when I am not really trying too hard.

By the way, Heathcote never published the comment that I left him a couple of weeks ago so it is clear that blogging is not high on his agenda and his site has been removed from my blog list as it has now reached three months without a post.


As my kids often tell me.......Stay Funky!

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