Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Getting Back Into The Groove

Trading has been very limited over the past week or so. Business commitments in France  between the 19th and the 21st meant no trading in the evenings due to the french gambling restrictions. It makes the evenings very boring. I even had to make do with watching the boring French or German Champions League games rather than being able to watch the exciting Tottenham match with Inter. I was feeling very groggy before I travelled but by the time I returned  on Thursday evening I was really layed low (no pun intended) and not had the motivation to do much until Monday night. Looking at the chart above I traded on 4 of a possible 14 days but the positive is that the last red day was on the 9th October.

I am about 75% of the way back to recovery and have got the trading 'buzz' back. I have had a tinker with the footie over the past couple of days and I am slowly getting back into the groove. There has been no trading on the horse front for a while but with limited opportunity during the week it was always going to be reduced.

As you can see from my monthly chart below my footie trading has made over £700 since I started subscribing to the Trading Football service. I am further enhancing my knowledge by signing up to the seminar that the Nugget Crew have organised in the next couple of weeks. If anyone wants more details on this just let me know.

Obviously I have had not had the opportunity to put the finishing touches to my football spreadsheet but will try to complete this over the next weekend. I still have a backlog of the main spreadsheet to email out too.

I will now put some extra effort in ensuring that I post at least once a day.


Steve said...

Hi I like your blog, Can you tell is the totalizer at the top of the page some sort of widget or just a piece of text that you update as and when,

Can we swap links for blogs, mine is if you dont mind adding me as I have done the same.


Handy Andy said...

Hi Steve,

The is nothing fancy about my running totals. It's just a text box that I manually update.

Good luck with your blog. I have added you to my list.