Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Us occasional bloggers are not all losing money!

I have been spurred on to add to my blog by a few factors. The biggest one is by Cassini at Green all Over and his extended post this morning celebrating his 250,000 hit.  It is a big acheivement to keep blogging to the extent that he has over the past three years but I take umbrage to his sweeping statement that bloggers who have not lasted the course are losing money. He may have the time to devote many hours to blogging but some of us make lifestyle changes that make it very difficult to continue.

The other factors which I have been surprised at include the many messages asking me to come back and the fact that despite not posting for two months, I still receive thirty separate hits a day.

Whilst I was blogging I wasn't able to devote my time to really knuckle down on the football trading. I used to be in the TF chat room a couple of nights a week but now I am logged in on most days after the evenings racing has ended. I have developed my own successful Homer strategy which I log on my new facebook page and compliment this with some of the TF's established strategies. I cannot tell you how TF has totally changed how I trade football games and they are the best service by far if you want to get into football trading.  Both my Horse Racing and Football trading has improved greatly and my profits are now consistent which I have been trying to reach unsuccessully over the last four years.

Blogging was an important part of my daily life whilst I was struggling trading but I have reached the point where the hour or two spent posting is better spent sharpening my trading skills. If I continue posting showing profits I am only going to be accused of showing off anyway and that has never been my intention so I am seriously considering calling it a day blogging.

I have said recently that I now trade inplay on races that are over 1m 4f which has really worked well and the reason is a bizarre but simple one. I never watch the race. I just react to the price movements. If I watch the race I am seeing and reacting to events that I am well behind on so there is no way I can ever maintain any kind of profit. Not watching changes things for me. I cannot describe what these price movements are but when it is about to drop down it reacts in a certain way and I am right most of the time and when I am wrong I set myself a price to get out. I have been caught out a few times but not so much as to wipe out a large portion of my profits.

One other thing. As I have been using Geek for a long time, I decided to take a free trial out with Fairbot and Gruss just to see what the competition is like. I have even traded a whole evenings card using the two trialists and I was back using Geek as they don't come close. Bet Angel is as good but I can't use it as it is too slow.

....oh and if anyone decides to make stupid comments, sign in with your name or don't bother!


Cassini said...

I was actually referring to the blogs that simply cease to be updated rather than those that are updated infrequently. Take your umbrage back!

gundulf said...

Got to say I find it hard to blog as well Andy. It was easy at first but as time went by I found it harder and harder to come up with new posts that weren't a round up of the twists and turns of my trades.

Having said that I did find that blogging helped with my discipline and as you know that is and will always probably be my weakness.

Good luck with your trading, and your blogging.