Monday, 22 August 2011

3 Wins from 3 Picks and a Rant!

My two early morning picks on Facebook were both successful.

13.30 Norwich v Stoke
14.00 Wolves v Fulham

I also traded Vasco de Gama v Fluminense in the TF chat room late in the evening for which it was successful to a 37% ROI.

That takes the Homer results for August to 28 Homers, 20 Profit, 3 Scratch, 5 Loss.

I have received a few negative comments which has left me a little bewildered and very irritated. If I had any intention of trying to sell this strategy I could perhaps understand some of it, but I am not and have no intention of doing so. This is my blog of my Sports trading journey and here I am at last suddenly making a decent amount of money on this journey (not the same journey as Jacks you understand) and quite proud that I have found something myself that works. I tested it quietly for weeks and was getting green after green and it was only after a few months when the green trend continued that I started to think I might have something that works. The win and loss are more or less the same so as long as there are more wins it's going to be profitable so I am sharing it with the TF community and have documented the results since it became an approved TF strategy.

I am documenting it for all to see as it is possible to make a success at trading. Read it or don't read it but abusive comments are totally unnecessary and it would be a shame to consider taking the blog down.

I do not just use the Homer as it is only applicable to a handful of games per week, I compliment it with other proven TF strats that I have learnt from the Nugget Crew. So if I am to be accussed of anything it can be for promoting their service. Yes Bingo and Ads run a business and I am sure they make a tidy sum for doing so........and you know what, they deserve it and good luck to them,  they work hard for their members and want them to succeed but members also need to help themselves and work hard to improve their skills. 

They changed me and others so if you want to see for yourself, they have a free 14 day trial. It makes absolutely no difference to me what you do but if you decide not to then that's your choice but  please don't moan to me about it!

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gundulf said...

Well said, Andy. The last time I looked this was a free blog, and whilst there is an argument that in a free world people are entitled to their own opinion. I'm sure you've no problem with constructive criticism, but abuse (about what, ffs!?) is out of order.