Monday, 29 August 2011

Horse Day

I traded three games yesterday.  Newcastle v Fulham. I heavily invested in this one but was worried that I had not scalped enough 0-0 to cover me for much of the second half.  I had not reached my max limit at HT thanks to the 0-0 scalp and calculated that I could go on until 52 minutes. Thankfully Newcastle scored just after HT and I was able to manage my position for a significant profit.

I was leading the trade in TF and for the one's that didn't have the 0-0 scalp I advised to close the CS position but to leave unders as they were as the price was far lower than normal and there was not much to be gained by reducing the overs profit to a scratch. The goal came and I advised to back half of the unders lay. The second goal was scored a few minutes later members were able to exit at a nice profit. There were some members who followed the exact rules and they scratched when overs was reached. ROI 28%

The next game of WBA v Sunderland was traded via the webinar. This was a loser and we traded out at HT with an ROI of -30%.

I traded the final game on my own. It was Colon v Union. The game ended 0-2 but I had greened up soon after the first away goal for an ROI of 35%. This is a good example to show that the home team doesn't need to score to collect a profit. In fact this was my highest ROI % of the day.

Today I am putting all my focus on the horses. There are so many meetings in the afternoon that I expect liquidity will be down and hopefully a few big traders will decide to spend the day with their families which will be good for me as I trade better with less money floating about.  I will put the entire horse P&L for the day up on here.

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