Friday, 11 November 2011

No Spin With Me!

First and foremost, with me there is no spin. None whatsoever!

I am not taking any credit for the fact that I know some of you, including myself, came away with a profit of £60 or more for the HomerDog pick of Estonia v  Rep. Ireland.

Having launched the service yesterday I was keen that despite no official picks today, the members should trade a game for quarter stakes just to get used to the concept of these unique strategies. I advised not to use single stakes which would risk £20. The average potential profit was £28 but the strategy also has a scenario which could result in a profit of at least £60. I selected this fixture because the under 2.5 was at a ridiculous 1.46 so the liabilities would be kept to a minimum. There was no way I ever thought that the match would turn out like it did.

To be honest, I was concerned to learn during online chats that some members used single stakes. Incredibly the MLE was reached just as the score went 0-2 so some members had exited and others were preparing to exit. Closing the trade was the correct decision and those that did ended with a scratch trade. For the one's that were fated to be still in the trade found themselves heading towards the scenario which was timed perfectly to give members profit of anything between £55 and £75.

There were a couple of members that used their trading software providers training mode and there were also a couple that got themselves in a pickle and lost a very small amount but the idea of micro trading was for the very purpose of understanding the strategy and the maths behind the MLE and making the mistakes when the stakes are tiny.

Had I not been helping out on facebook chat I would have traded out about 30 seconds before the second goal. There will be no record against my stats.

The HomerDog really is the jewel in the family. Not a home goal in site and the biggest win a single stakes Homer family member has ever produced.

So well done to the winners. Unlucky to the scratchers but a big learning experience for all!

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