Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Extreme Extravaganza Exhilaration

It was a great night at the console and it shows how important it is to have a decent scalp when trading the EHD. I decided to forget about analysing form and trade the three Premier EHD's on face value to show that the EHD produces result after result. The largest profit was at Wolves where they were smashed 0-3. This strat is not just about the home team.

All of the different type of Homer strats have the same single stake exit of £23. Swansea's first half goal meant that an exit at HT ensured  £28. Wolves 0-3 loss at the hands of Liverpool secured £51 profit. Unfortunately Everton's goal came too late but would have been a winner had the 0-0 been scalped successfully. This drew a slightly higher than normal £25 loss.The overall result over the three games was £54 profit.

The profit for the month based on my picks using single stakes is £265.02. The profit since September 2011 is £726.46

On the Horse Racing front the lays are producing interesting results where a large amount of selections are not only losing but are finishing unplaced. The last two days results are as follows:

30/1 14.20 Ayr  - Royal Mackintosh 5th BSP 5.10 fav                                      £24.39
30/1 15.40 Wolverhampton - Striker Torres 4th BSP 10.50                               £10.53
30/1 15.50 Plumpton - Don't Panic 8th BSP 6.40 fav                                     £18.52       
30/1 16.40 Wolverhampton - Justcallmehandsome 6th BSP 9.00 3rd fav          £12.50
31/1 13:30 Southwell - Newport Arch 4th BSP 7.60 2nd fav                              £15.15
31/1 13.50 Folkestone - Open Hearted 1st BSP 1.74 fav                                -£100.00
31/1 15.40 Taunton - Woodlark Island 6th BSP 8.60 3rd fav                             £13.16
31/1 16.20 Folkestone - Refusal 4th BSP 11.50                                               £9.52

Less 5% comm = -£1.42

23 Selections - 3 losses. Cumulative P&L = £5.91


Anonymous said...

No Lays for today Andy ?

Anonymous said...

You should really do all staking to fixed points rather than liability as it gives a truer picture. Plus when you're laying it's also akin to Kelly staking where you stake higher where your edge is larger whereas you're doing the inverse laying for to fixed liability.

Sure the odd 10/1 is likely to come in but if the basis of your lays are sound you'd win more over term which is all that counts

Handy Andy said...

I will take your comments on board.You are certainly right about the staking but I just quickly posted up selections and results with a vague pointer to it's success or failure.

The interesting point is that there have been so many that haven't even been placed that a calculation has been done since I received the lays (this includes a week before I started posting them) and had every selection been place laid to £100 liability the profit would now be £2500.

Scary stuff for a guy that that has never laid a horse in his life.

gundulf said...

A run of winners at £100 liability would soon scare you, Andy!

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