Monday, 30 January 2012

Lays for Monday 30/1

Today’s lay selections:
1420 Ayr – Royal Mackintosh curr 5.60
1540 Wolverhampton – Striker Torres curr 11.00
1550 Plumpton – Don’t Panic curr 9.00
1640 Wolverhampton – Justcallmehandsome curr 8.60

Going Forecasts 
Ayr - Heavy-Soft in places (Precautionary Inspection 7.15am)
Wolverhampton - Standard
Plumpton - Good to Soft, Soft in place


Anonymous said...

good selections yet again!! is it maybe worth laying the place for non favorites, better value of return!

gundulf said...

I thought you'd gone into hibernation or something! But now I realise it's nothing more serious than a defection to four footed trading. You'll be back!

Hope all's well.