Friday, 27 January 2012

Thursday 26/1 Results

Not quite a clean sweep today but the last was a very unlucky race. Cut the Cackle had the momentum and was always likely to win as they approached the final furlong but was cut across and had to check before going wide and then gained very quickly and only just fell short on the line.

These things are always likely to happen and will no doubt even themselves out.

P&L to £100 liability. I am not suggesting to lay for this amount or even to lay at all. It is just a marker to monitor the performance.

1525 Warwick – Ockey de Neul 3rd BSP 5.60                            £14.71
1555 Warwick – Sizing America 9th BSP 12.50                           £8.70
1935 Kempton – Rightcar Won BSP 4.75 (highest in play 16)    -£100.00

Less 5% comm = -£77.76   Cumulative = £17.31


Anonymous said...

Andy , i let the last race go as i figured 2/3 wins for the day is enough, still good stuff and please continue to post, you could be onto a great little potential laying service here also if the long term results prove to be good!

Anonymous said...

lool a laying service was always the long term ploy here