Saturday, 18 February 2012

Free Homer Weekend Newsletter & Horse Lay Results

It was another profitable day for the Homer Strategies including a big win late into the night. On my daily lists the winning games are overwhelmingly greater than the losing one's on a day to day basis. So the more that are traded the more chance of consistently profiting each day.

If you would like a copy of today's newsletter which lists yesterdays results, today's qualifying fixtures and potential possibilities for games on Sunday and Monday, please complete the Homer Family Package form on the left. The newsletter will be automatically emailed to you once you have verified your details.

As far as the horse lays are concerned the results are very strong for laying the place which is surprising considering the lays are recommended against the win only. It is interesting to note that from 89 selections, 60 of them failed to place and the vast majority are between the favourite and 4th favourite.

Staking to a £100 liability upon the pick winning the race is showing a months profit at £484 (BSP). A £10 liability is £48.

Staking to a £100 liability upon the pick being placed is showing a months profit of £2,335 (BSP). A £10 liability is £233.

I am currently amending the staking to achieve the best profit possible. Maria's plan seems to be the best option.

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john said...

This place IS the place to be right now. Great set of results with a simple straight forward method to follow. You know exactly how much you can win or lose.
I have tried some of the systems out there and this one wins by a country mile. The results are there to be seen. With brilliant support when you need it. Keep up the good work Andy.

Swearbox said...

Hi there Andy,

I tried (unsuccessfully) to add a comment on your blog yesterday. The captcha thing just would not agree that I had got the words correct when on at least 5 occasions I'm 100% sure I did. Anyway I'm having another crack at defeating the comment security to ask if you wouldn't mind exchanging links. I've only just found your site but the comment above mine would suggest you're doing good work. All the best,


Chris said...

Have to agree with John. This is the place to be at the minute. Andy does all the hard work so you don't have to. Every morning I get an E-mail with the days qualifying matches and Andy thoughts on them. I can plan my trading around my own busy life. The results are there for all to see and I can testify to their accuracy. Andy's console is also a great help where you can log-in for advice if you need it or just a general chat about the footie. Keep up the good work Andy.

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