Thursday, 16 February 2012

No Mention of Horses

The Homer family daily qualifying list continues to show far more wins than losses in the vast majority. The up to date results of my main picks (converted to single stakes) reinforces the view that the more games that are traded the better the chance of a profitable day. 

I traded as many games as I could over last Saturday and Sunday. I was involved in 19 games of which 12 were profitable, 2 were scratched and 5 were losers. 

However I traded just one game on Tuesday which was a loser but it was one of only two losing games in a list containing nine matches. Similarly yesterday I traded and lost two games but there were more wins in the overall daily list. So although at first glance my results show 6 losses in 7 games, the more games that are traded in a single day the greater the possibility of a profitable day. The most important statistic is the long term view in which the no loss strike rate is steady at just under 70%.

Most of this months trading results were achieved without scalping so had my trades been followed at single stakes the bank would have increased by almost £200. Had the trades been followed since the beginning of September, the profit would be at £935.

The beauty of the Homer strategies are that you always know what you can win or lose before the game kicks off. At single stakes on average the win and loss is £23 so if you want the opportunity to profit by £100 the stakes need to be increased to four.

I recently came across a site called The Goal System  which offers selections for free for games where a goal is expected by half time. This of course is a crucial element to a successful Homer trade and I think Homerites should pop over there to see if there are any games that appear on both our lists. They have had a sticky patch earlier this month which hits all systems but in the main they have got it right far more than wrong.

Another site that I haven't mentioned recently but I use all the time is Betting System Notes. As well as their unique fixture search tool named MarketMatcher where you enter the price parameters and it lists all the in play games which fit that criteria, it also has a fully customisable online notepad and organiser where you can store all your notes for betting systems, strategies, trading rules and guidelines.

If you have hundreds of systems, strategies and trading ideas scattered over umpteen eBooks, pdfs, spreadsheets that you have built up over the years you can use their tool to store all the information in one place. In addition to this there are strategy documents and videos. You can check it out for your self by clicking the Betting System Notes banner on the right.


Jackhulk said...

Hello Andy

I came across your Homer family earlier in the season so nice to see your still going strong. Can I ask with regards to your total season p/l of £935.03, what size stake is this based on please?

Handy Andy said...

It's my trading but converted to single stakes.

You commit up to £70 into the markets but you exit at approx £23. The win average is the same but can be as low as £17 or as high as £100 if the 'jackpot' is hit.

Jackhulk said...

Thanks Andy, but still a little unsure I understand correctly. So profit of £935.03 is based on £70 stakes, correct?

Handy Andy said...

The £70 is what you commit from your bank for the various backs and the lay. However you exit the trade when your loss reaches £23 so you are only ever trading to lose £23 if on single stakes as the other £47 is returned to your bank.

I listed 6 games for the early part of the evening and 5 games were winners including a jackpot win which is in excess of £50 on single stakes. Average profit is £23.

Jackhulk said...

Thanks again. I understand fully what the potential profit/loss is (£23), was just trying to get a clearer idea of what you meant when you said converted to single stakes. I normally equal single stake to £1, but understand in this case it's £70, or £23 I guess as that's the max you will lose. So £935.03 quoted so based on stake of £23.

Good work Andy, hope it continues to go well.

Anonymous said...

Uuuuum, NO