Sunday, 25 April 2010

Another Day, Another Dollar!

I  think I have got yesterdays performance out of my system and let's hope that I can move on with lessons learned.

I am still in profit and I know that £300 so far this month is a nice amount to some recreational traders but it is far short to where I want to be. £11 per day is hardly a tidy sum for all the time I have been using at evenings and on weekends! Maybe I should just stop and find something more useful to do. We'll see what happens over the next few weeks.

I forgot to mention previously that I traded out of the 'Most Seats' market on Friday as the polls were showing a Conservative revival following the second debate. This was reflected in the price as it was slowly coming in. I used the iPhone app iBetMate to close the trade at 1.27 for a very small profit but didn't work it out correctly so I had to tweak it with a lay bet of 1.28. My judgement was correct as the price has since fallen further and is now 1.23. I am aiming to get back in at some point.

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Whilst writing I put in a lay of Kibet in the mens Marathon. No need to trade out and a positive start to the day..

The final two tabs to my spreadsheet are shown below. If anyone is interested in it I can make it available to download and will provide instructions as to the handful of cut & pastes required daily and monthly.

Profit / Loss Horses Only
Analysis Table


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