Saturday, 24 April 2010

A Few Days To Forget

 It has been a bit of a stressful few days. It all started in the office on Thursday morning. As soon as my laptop reached  the desktop I was receiving fatal Windows errors all over the place. I rebooted a few times but it was still occuring. I know my way around computers but I cannot understand why this was happening. It wasn't as if I had installed new software or that I had a problem shutting down the night before.

It became apparant very quickly that this was a problem that could only be solved by reinstalling XP.  We don't have an exchange server or profiling so the restore of emails and documents depends on the regular backups that I store on a flash drive which thankfully I did the day before.

It has taken two full days (and late nights) of restoring and configuring to bring the machine back to the sort of level it was when it crashed. The most important thing is that my work  data has been fully recovered and now that the machine has had a good clean it is running much faster than I can ever remember.

With all this going on, trading was the last thing on my mind. I wasn't going to attempt anything until I was satisfied that my computer was stable.

So what of Geek and Bet Angel? The programs are stored on a completely separate flash drive so should be totally unaffected but my Geek ladder configuration must have been stored on the 'C' drive as they have been lost, so this morning I went about the boring and time consuming task of setting it up again.

...and as for todays horse trading? Absolutely shocking! It's as if the whole market is watching what I am doing. I could watch a situation for five minutes where not much is happening but as soon as I enter the market it all goes mad in the opposite direction. It's not as if I am piling in loads of cash! It happened time and time again! I was down loads on the 18.35 at Haydock and was so hacked off and frustrated I just let in run in play and it won. That made me very angry and I did the same thing the next race but at least I managed to get half of the previous race losses back. It is not the right thing to do. This blog is supposed to help. What a mug!

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The Geek said...

Just so you know for the future, you can copy your toy settings from one box to another.