Saturday, 17 April 2010

Most Seats Are Green All Over

Just a quick post to say that I took the plunge and entered the 'Most Seats' market with a lay of the Conservatives at 1.24 at 12.30pm today. I decided on more or less the same liability that I would have received had I layed for £1000 at 1.19. This meant that I would stand to win £750.

Below is an image of the current situation and you can see that the march upward continues. I am hoping that in a weeks time we may see the price at 2 at which point I will trade out for a reasonable green book of £270.

Naturally I am kicking myself at not catching 1.19 but that is me all over. I am never quite decisive!

I have to mention that if you haven't been over to Cassini's blog 'Green All Over'  I recommend you pop over there (see my blog list) and take a read of his post entitled Eleven Silly Men. I found it very interesting.

I have been out for most of the day so I haven't traded. Hoping to catch some footie before the night is out to keep the total ticking over and then up early for the Grand Prix.


Anonymous said...

Would you be interested in exchanging links?

Many Thanks and Good Luck!!!

Handy Andy said...

Blog added. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much Andy!!!