Saturday, 17 April 2010

Brain Dead

Trading intensely for such a large period yesterday was very difficult and not something I will be doing on a regular basis.  It really was a long hard slog and my concentration and decison making was definately affected towards the end. The last races at Cheltenham and Dundalk saw me green by over £10 at one stage only for them to end up as losses by the start. I am sure I was on auto pillot at that point. Had I stayed green I would have reached my £100 target but instead had to settle for £78. If you put it in perspective that's only £10 per hour. There are plenty of jobs that pay more than that. 

I tried to reach £100 by laying 1-0 Huddersfield with about 3 minutes left but to no avail and another £4 lost.

My featured market has started to move. Conservatives are now 1.22 to win the most seats and yes you guessed it, I still haven't done anything about it! I find it strange hearing that if the Youguv poll is to be believed, Labour could have the lowest share of the vote but the largest amount of seats. The Lib Dems had a positively strong reaction to the first debate but are us voters really making a decision of who is best to govern the country on the basis of a 90 minute TV programme?

By the way, did you notice that the ties they wore matched the party colours.

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