Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Recording Your Progress

It is important to keep good records of your results far longer than the 3 months that Betfair provide. I have got involved in a wide range of sports since I started trading back in early 2007 and keep all the P/L information on an Excel spreadsheet which has evolved into a nine tab monster. it gives a good insight into each sports performance, gives clear indications of where you are heading and shows you where you are against your targets. There are a couple of little things that need to be done each day and at the end of every month (apart from the obvious P/L entry) but other than that, all the tabs update automatically. I thought it would be a good idea that if it is of interest, I show examples over the next few days and perhaps make it available to download, once I work out how to do it!

I have noticed that if you are viewing this blog in Firefox, each post heading is displaying in gold  which is how it should be but in Internet Explorer the blog title is gold but the post title is grey! I suppose it must be because I have used the designer template which is still in test.

The golf result was not settled until the early hours of the morning so that was a good base for the rest of the day. I was itching to get involved in the horses after yesterdays solid display but that is not possible during the week unless there are evening meetings, however I did have a little go at the US races late in the evening without any success. St.Pauli did me proud as I layed the draw, although they did not start their scoring spree until 10 minutes into the second half which was a little close to my exit point.


Tony said...

Hey Andy, any chance of a look at that excel spreadsheet? Sounds good!

Handy Andy said...

No problem. Will set up a facility to download over the weekend.