Wednesday, 14 April 2010

244 Reasons Not To Be Cheerful

As you can see, I have lost £243.94 last night. I am absolutely gutted, miserable and frustated. If I make crazy mistakes then I only have myself to blame and deserve what comes to me but being a victim of 'natural causes' after making such steady progress is like a stab to the heart!

Having just returned home from a very busy working day, I grabbed a glass of wine, sat down and caught the 17.55 at Limerick. I wish I hadn't. Just before the start of the race and at the moment when I decided to trade out of Slapper there was a power cut or rather a flicker. It was a case of off and on in a split second but that split second was enough to knock out the broadband. The race started immediately after and I was left with a large liability £185.

I am organised and do have a backup plan where I can place a bet to close a trade via a 3g connection but there was not enough time as it was a one mile race. Instead I was pinning my hopes on the router booting up in time. While all this was happening I was watching the race unfold hoping that the favourite Tsar Paul would save me and I really thought that I was going to have a lucky escape as it was leading close in only to be beaten by a head by Slapper as the line approached. As it passed the post the router came back on! What a 'slap' in the face!

I then went into 'foolish' mode and backed the hot favourite Rocky Elsom in the next and switched my machine off. Why did I back it?  Why didn't I lay it?  I can't answer that because I just wasn't thinking straight. I just wanted to get some of the losses back. When I checked back it had come second and I had added a further £60 to my losses. I traded the last couple of races and gained a little back but my heart wasn't really with it.

Now that I have slept on it, I am trying to put it out of my mind and think positive. It was just an unlucky situation that could happen to anybody at any time. One positive fact is that I am still in profit.

It is half term and my wife has to work today so I have the day off to look after the kids. I have not decided whether I will trade the horses today. I will make up my mind later. I might take the kids out for the afternoon to totally clear my head.


Anonymous said...

These things happen to all traders just forget about it and move on the moneys been lost and you've found out chasing doesn't help which is a good lesson to learn. Losing that extra £60 is the best thing to happen otherwise you may come to rely on chasing next time things go wrong if it'd gone your way.

Jay said...

Hey there,

Nice blog, unlucky with the power, moer a kick in the nuts than a slap in the face!

I used to curse my net when stuff like that happened, or just find any reason for me having a losing day, which there was quite a few when I was starting out.

I find if my head isn't in it after a big loss then sleep on it, rash decisions ony make it worse, after all there is 10 tonne races every day.

Though saying that, I don't do much trading anymore, only laying horses, and do that all using a bot and my VPS, set and forget, check it each night and add the following days selections.

Good luck moving forward.


Handy Andy said...

Thanks guys for your support. This was one of the reasons why I started this blog. It really does help receiving comments like these.