Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Election - Am I Missing Something!

I was watching the news this morning. They were analysing the latest poll which showed a Conservative lead of just 3% and how that would affect the seat distribution. It showed that Labour would have the most seats. They went onto say that even a 6% Conservative lead could give Labour the most seats. I know that we shouldn't read too much from the polls but they are all showing a steady reduction in the gap between our top two parties and the average is 6%.

So the question is...... 
Why are the Conservatives currently 1.18 to win the most seats?

Surely a lay is a no brainer or am I missing something? The risk is low and I can only see the price rise as we draw closer to the big day. Perhaps punters are waiting to see the first debate tomorrow before entering the market. I am very tempted to get involved and I will be watching the market very carefully while the debate is on.

Following on from this mornings post I decided to trade the horses. I felt I was playing with no confidence and it was really slow progress as I reached a profit of £35 as of 7.00pm. Also made a little on the football but the day is not over and I will give a full report in my next post.

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