Friday, 7 May 2010

A Day at Home

I booked a day off today as I felt I would not be up to it after being up all night watching the election unfold. I managed a few hours sleep this morning and I feel ready to take on the 55 races that will be played out until well into the evening. As long as I keep focussed and don't fall into the 'in play' trap I should be able to acheive at least £100. We shall see!

I might even dabble in the two 20/20 games on today.

I start the day with £17.19 as Betfair has just paid out on the 'most seats' market. I am lucky I managed to trade out at a profit as I was certain that the Conservatives would drift to 1.50. I layed at 1.24 on 17/4 then saw the price drift to 1.32 before starting to come in. It was a good decision to take a profit on 23/4 at 1.27.


jens said...

Hi! First of all, very interesting blog!

I'm in the same seat as you. Have just begin to trade, or at least trying to.

I just wonder what your main tactics are when u trading horseracing?

Do u lay a horse before start and then try to back it on higher odds in-play?

Good luck man!


Handy Andy said...

Hi Jens,

Thanks for taking the time to write.

No I don't specifically trade in play. My trading is based on the pre-race however I have a weakness where if I am down I try to make it up during the race or sometimes I just forget about the start. Having this blog has actually helped me to reduce these mistakes but as you will have seen it still happens.

I am not new to this. I have been doing it 'leisurely' for about three years and have not really made much progress but luckily I haven't lost any money. I am hoping that writing and referring to this blog will help me to make decent profits as I try to move to the next level.

As far as my strategy is concerned I will try to post up on the main page my thoughts and decisions.