Saturday, 8 May 2010

I Can't Practice What I Preach

Friday felt like a very long day. It was too long on the laptop after being up all night. I did manage  to get three hours sleep on Friday morning but in hindsight it is obvious that my concentration levels were always going to be affected.

With so many races that were reasonably spaced out there was plenty of opportunity to accumulate a decent amount of cash. I managed to profit on the horses with £66 but it was the same old story.

I had a good start with the winnings steadily building up only to lose a large chunk on 17.55 Ripon. This was the race where the favourite was withdrawn at the start. I had built a decent amount on the favourite and was frustrated that it was all for nothing so I just decided to trade the new favourite in play. It was a stupid decision which I have put down to the fact that I was getting very tired. I lost £48. Then in the very next race I was down about £25 after the pre-race and went in play again. This time I got lucky and turned it around for a small profit of £13. This is not the thing to do.

As you know I use Geeks Toy for ladder trading and when the market turns in play Bart Simpson warns you by shouting SUCKER.  Bart is absolutely right!

I went on to lose four of the last five races which was definitely because I was tired.

So the advice is simple :
1. Never trade in play if you don't know what you are doing.
2. Never trade when tired
3. Don't spend 7.5 hours over 55 races on the computer for a meagre £49.
4. Never advise others to follow points 1 and 2 when you can't even follow it yourself!!!

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