Sunday, 9 May 2010

There Really Was Free Money Yesterday

My ideal daily race schedule is to have three meetings in the afternoon and evening which are all ten minutes apart. That way you have plenty of time to assess the markets in their early stages right through to the off. Yesterday was ridiculous. Six meetings in the afternoon which were mainly five minutes apart with some races going off at the same time. Then in the evening there were only two meetings. It just doesn't make any sense. It is the perfect scenario of losing discipline and going in play.

I bet (excuse the pun) you are waiting for me to say blah blah blah and I lost £50, £100 on a couple of races inplay blah blah! but you are all going to be suprised to hear that it didn't happen! I did go in play about three times by accident as race after race came up so quickly but on each occasion I got out almost immediately with no harm done. In the end I managed to trade 41 out of 53 races netting me £103 only to lose £31 trading the Eng v SA game.

Did anyone see the 8.05 at Thirsk? If ever there was a term for 'free money' then this was it. Sunbow won a close race but soon after there was a stewards enquiry due to the jocket weighing in light. Now I have done a little research and couldn't find an example where a stewards enquiry resulted in the result standing in the case of a light weigh in.  With this in mind I was staggered to see the in running market only at 1.14 for the horse that was second past the post. Even the Racing Channel commentators stated that this really was free money. Personally I could not understand the price but didn't get involved because I was saying to myself that it was too good to be true! Perhaps that is what others were thinking too. In the end Sunbow was inevitably disqualified and the free money was a missed opportunity for us that have lesser balls!

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Cassini said...

That "if it looks too good to be true, it probably is" maxim can hurt sometimes. I couldn't believe the No Overall Majority was trading at 3.0 after the election when the results were coming in and the Conservatives were missing their targets. I topped up a little but there was this nagging feeling that I was missing something. Little balls syndrome I call it! Good luck.