Sunday, 9 May 2010

Disaster Day

Over the last ten days I have received a couple of anonymous comments which I have never accepted onto the blog. They were stating that I am probably making the whole blog up and that I am most likely making a large loss as it is almost impossible to make a profit trading.

Do they really think that I am sad enough to spend a large chunk of my spare time adding to my page with pure fantasy. It's not as if I am showing off how wonderful I am.

Well I imagine that this post will cheer them up immensely! It is approaching 7pm and currently my days  P/L is £241 down. For the benefit of my anonymous friends I could have said I was out all day with no action but I keep on saying that the only reason I am doing this is to document and refer to help me improve. So why lie! I also appreciate the supportive comments I receive.

So what went wrong? I had a bad session generally and there were two major incidents which contributed to the disaster. There were no power cuts this time, it was purely my bad performance. I was a little bit down on the 3.10 at Plumpton and I decided to try to reduce it in play considering that it was a 3 mile race but before long Geography fell and I was left totally exposed to an £80 loss. The following race showed a loss pre race of £18. Then came the big cock up losing me £108. It was a little bit simlar to the Plumpton race as I was a little down and decided to go inplay and I had a green result so went onto the next race. What I didn't realise was that somehow I left a bet of £120 on Grey Soldier which eventually came third. You can imagine my horror when I noticed my bank was not what it should have been. Why couldn't it have won!!!

I am not going to amend the running total until the end of the day. I will have a go at the AUS v SL 20/20 and a couple of footie matches to try at the very least to be under £200.


Jay said...


Don't worry about the anon, its not worth reading half their shite if they choose to hide behind anon.

As you say, whats the point in filling it with fantasy, it's not like to are advertising a server, just recording your results.

Sometime it just puts the day in perspective, and is def a welcome change from looking at betfair and spreadsheets all day!

Shame on todays total, but keep up the good work, we all have bad patches that we'd rather forget about.


playslip said...

good blog mate,keep up the good work.there will always be one or two pricks,ignore them,you know the score so it's all good.

Anonymous said...

Seriously dude forget the in-play trading, you can not beat the guys with faster pictures, and its far too much risk anyway

P.S: found your blog at in a comment, visit us in the chat sometimes :)


Betfair Trader said...

Don't worry about the anon posters they're generally the failed traders hoping to goad you into revealing some 'secrets' and too lazy to put the inital effort into trading themselves. If they can't see it's possible to take money from the markets on a regular basis with so much being put through the markets everyday that's their problem not yours.

Just ignore them there are plenty of traders out there who are making decent sums on a regular basis.

Bad luck with the loss, just accept it as one of those things and move on.

Cassini said...

Hi Andy - Cassini again. I have the same problem with negative comments (almost always coming from Anonymous), but I allow the posts simply because they are usually so stupid that they are entertaining. Remember that the fact that they keep reading your blog and take the trouble to comment means that they find you interesting, and is a form of flattery. There are always people who are envious of other people's success, so don't let them bother you, just do your stuff. If they had anything worth saying, they wouldn't hide behind "anonymous".

Sorry you had a bad day. I've had far worse, but as I keep pointing out, numbers themselves are irrelevant. Good luck.

Paul (Tradeshark) said...

I think every trading blog gets the abusive/negative comments. I think they are from people who have maybe tried trading for 5 minutes, can't do it and so think its impossible. The losses are part of a traders life. Anyone who says they don't get them is unlikely to be telling the truth. They keep our feet on the ground as its easy to think you're invincible after a long winning run. Keep plugging away :-)