Friday, 28 May 2010

The Dream Is Still Alive......

.......for some!

One of the blogs that I have really enjoyed following is The Dream Is Still Alive. Here is a guy who has been very successful at trading the second half of football markets. He didn't win large amounts each day but the most important factor was that he was consistently profiting and had built up a large bank over the course of three months. So I was very surprised and sad to learn that he had blown his bank chasing losses after initially losing on exchange games. He has now ended his blog.

Keeping discipline may sound simple but it's one of the hardest things that you must overcome to be successful over the long term.  I admit that I am struggling to master fact I am not even close but I would never get involved with exchange games or any type of computer generated game. Some people do win big money on these games but for most it's loss after loss after loss. The majority can never win over the medium term and in my opinion it's like throwing money down the drain. He doesn't say how much he initially lost or what he did to chase the losses but as it happened on Monday evening I am drawn towards the possibility that he may have made a small loss on the exchanges and then put bets on the Portugal v Cape Verde game leaving large liabilities. Perhaps laying 0-0 in the second half. Portugal were such hot favourites playing a team ranked 114 in the world that the odds for 0-0 were high even in the closing stages. Nobody could have imagined that Portugal would go 90 minutes without scoring! 

I admire his honesty as he could have just not posted again but I would ask him not to throw in the towel just yet! My advice would be to take a few days off. Then read through his blog and focus on the positives like for example the consistant profits and if he still have the urge to dip in again then a big bank is not needed. Just stick in €100 and take it from there and really make a conscious effort to keep the discipline and stay off the computer games.

Anyway, enough of playing mother! I had a family gathering yesterday so trading was strictly prohibited. Tonight I had a reasonable result. I still occasionally go in play when I am in the red and I know I shouldn't do it but no harm done this time.

Tomorrow we have the greatest event of the year. The Eurovision Song Contest. 

Now before you all think I have gone insane, I must point out that it is not great because of the music, it's great because of the hour long scoring process which gives great opportunities to make some decent money in the market. I have always done very well and hopefully that will continue tomorrow.

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