Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Not Much Activity Since Monday

I didn't trade yesterday and only did a little tonight (half trade/half gamble) which was enough to get me above £1,000. I was working late so I caught the end of the racing but that wasn't enough to take me over my target so I just went into gambler mode and stuck an £11 lay of no next goal in the France game. There must have been about 15 minutes left to play.  No skill, just hit and hope and  I got lucky. 

Talking about footie, what about the Portugal game on Monday. I didn't realise that Cape Verde had a football team! I never got to see the trades but there must have been many punters with extreme emotions of exhilaration and depths of despair!

I can't believe the amount of requests I have had for my spreadsheet. I will be emailing it out on Sunday ready to use for Tuesday. I have had requests to have it available for download but I want to keep it simple so please let me have your email addresses. I won't publish them.

I have had a couple of requests to show all the tabs in one post, so I have made use of my spreadsheet page and put them all up in there.

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