Monday, 24 May 2010

A Small Step Back

Not much seems to have gone right for me over the last couple of days as I have accumulated losses of £129 but having said that I didn't expect to be profitable every day. There were a couple of races where I lost about £45 in each and the rest of the time I just didn't gain any consistency.

That put's me just under my £1,000 target so will need to keep focus to ensure I don't fall even further behind.


Anonymous said...

come on admit it you went in play but wasnt so lucky this time

Handy Andy said...

I did go in play a couple of times but only because time was up and then I immediately exited. The two reds I mentioned were accumulated pre-race. As the reds grew I threw more money at it and only made it worse so that's almost as bad as going in play.

I have said before, if I lose loads you will hear about it!

Anonymous said...

fair play to your honesty m8