Saturday, 22 May 2010

A Monster Day

I am really getting to grips with the horse trading. If I take out my lucky escape I managed to sensibly build up £200. There were about 4 races where I purposely went in play and made some controlled trades. The Goodwood race really shook me up. Once the lay was taken and I realised what I had done, I just froze almost in disbelief. The price continued to shorten before it finally drifted out and I gave a huge sigh of relief. I was quite shaken up and it affected me over the next couple of races before I managed to regain my composure. Unfortunately I didn't do too well on the football but can't complain at £256.


Anonymous said...

your just kidding yourself you went in play today and got away with it..its so obv reading between the lines that u are going inplay to turn your reds into greens

Handy Andy said...

Before I started this blog, one of my failings was exactly what you are stating and I don't deny that over the past couple of months I have once or twice gone in play to rectify a large red situation but in the main since I have started the blog I have steered clear of it.

Chazzen said...

Hi, I've been trading on horses for 2 months, could you tell me what stakes are you using ? And which horses do you trade ?