Sunday, 6 June 2010

Darting Around

Below is a screenshot of the moment when Tony Ayres hit his double to win the his Darts match. at lunchtime today.

The price of 1.11 was astonishing. Here was a guy who admittedly was a rank outsider but was hitting his doubles regularly. Wade was so far behind in this final leg that he was not in a position to finish with his next three darts so Ayres had six darts to hit his double. He did it with his first dart. I quickly put in a £100 bet and only £50 got matched as the market was suspended. I only won £5 on top of the £13 all green I had traded earlier.

Of course this was a pure gamble and at the end of the day I could have lost £100 but just because the price was just 1.11 didn't mean that it was not value. In my opinion it was a price that was screaming to be taken!

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