Monday, 7 June 2010

A Stormy Day

What a start to the day!  I had two back bets as opening trades in the first two races. Two minutes to the start of the 2.10 Worcester and the heavens opened with a monsoon. I have never seen so much rain!  I started to panic when I realised that the broadband had been knocked out and I had no 3G signal to use my backup plan. In addition the signal from my sky had disappeared. 

It took about 12 minutes for the broadband and 3g to return by which time the first two races had been and gone and I was £90 down. What was even more frustrating was that I had backed Silent Blessing in the 2.20 which had been sharply steaming and a closing lay would have been very profitable.

By the end of the day I had managed to claw back most of the losses with a more aggressive strategy which included utilising the in-play markets and finished just over £5 down overall.


Anonymous said...

Hope you learned a lesson there. Always have your TAN number and Betfair Customer Services on speed dial. In situations like you had at the start of the day you could have called them and got them to close the bets for you. They won't hedge but at least it will minimise your losses.

Good luck.

Handy Andy said...

You are right, I must review my emergency procedure. At the moment it's iBetmate on the iphone but it needs 3g. Will be ok for a computer crash but not for a storm.