Tuesday, 22 June 2010

An Interesting Afternoon Awaits Us

As I write we are about nine hours from the start of the final games in Group A and the volume for the draw in the match odds market for Mexico v Uruguay has gone through the roof.  We should be seeing volume for the three outcomes at about 500,000 but as you can see the draw alone is £4,238,700 which is about 93% of the whole market. Goodness knows what the volume will be as the game starts.

Will we see an exciting end to end game with the teams worried about  losing and the daunting prospect of facing Argentina in the next round or will it be a boring  unopposed passing game at the half way line securing the draw that is needed to qualify.........

........ either way, I am a contributor to the 93%.

Is 1.87 low value?


There is one happy guy over at the Trading Tennis blog. I don't know the actual trades but I bet that the most that was at risk at any one time was less than $500. I keep meaning to get involved. This has got to be an incentive!

Not much to show for my efforts over the last couple of days.

I am now averaging £16.56 per day which is half of my original target. I am supposed to reach £9,000 profit by the end of the year but at this rate it will be September 2011. I need to profit by almost £40 every day this year to pull it back.


Anonymous said...

I'd try and stop concentrating too much on the targets/stats and put your efforts into the actual trading. It's always a learning curve with trading but once you make those inroads you'll find they happen in big leaps rather than a steady curve.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above post. Targets are the route to ruin. Especially short term or daily. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous comment, relax your targets a little you will trade in a much relaxed and focused manner. Obviously its vital to keep records and I think your sheet is great, but daily targets add pressure to an already pressured task. You are still well on course to make a nice tax free sum, keep up the good work, like the blog.