Thursday, 24 June 2010

Less Targets More Profits

It was good to see both Mexico and Uruguay going for it in Tuesday's game even if it did mean that I lost. I don't usually go for a straight gamble but I really thought that a draw was on the cards. I did make some of the loss back on the evenings matches and had a good cricket result.  I have not done much on the horses as I have been relaxing watching the footie. Trading the horses is tricky enough when fully concentrated on but almost impossible if you are trying to enjoy a football game and trading without pictures.

I would like to thank my anonymous readers for their recent comments. Having thought about it they are right when they say that I am targeting myself too much and that it is not good for overall performance. It encourages chasing when things don't go right. There have been quite a few occasions when I have traded a market just because I want to hit a certain level and then come unstuck. I will try to improve in that area as I but I still believe that an objective is still necessary to keep some kind of focus.

One thing is for sure! I am not going to reach a profit of £1,000 this month. It has been a very random performance this month with 12 daily wins and 12 losses.

My only objective is to finish the month green. I think that's a target that I am allowed!


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