Saturday, 26 June 2010

Taking the Opportunities

Essex needed 79 from 5 overs. A seemingly impossible task. The odds reflected this as Surrey were 1.01.

I don't know how many times I have seen 1.01 and thought that there was no point sticking a lay of £100 when it's just £1 wasted as there is no chance of it being overturned, only to see it do just that!  However this time I did it and Styris decided to let rip to make 27 runs off the next over. The following over the team made a further 13 runs leaving them 39 from 3 overs. I decided that 1.34 was plenty enough for me and took my profit. Essex went on to win having required 22 runs off the last over and achieving it with a ball to spare.

Just before that I was watching the Spain v Chile game and on 85 minutes they both stopped playing. Not literally of course..... but they were just passing it around satisfied with the result just like I had wrongly predicted may happen in the game earlier in the week. I had the correct score market already up and noticed that 1-2 had quickly dropped from 1.30 to 1.18 as everyone was getting on!  I joined in and then switched over to the Swiss game as I knew that as long as the Swiss didn't score in the last 5 minutes (they needed two to qualify) the other game will end 1-2. If the Swiss would have scored I would have quickly exited my position at least at the same price I had gone in at.


I am not too bothered about my continuing losses on the horses. Like I said before my mind isn't totally on it when I am concentrating on other sports.

I accidentally came across a marvelously written blog. Joining the South African Party. He should take up Journalism!  It's about a guys adventures whilst out in South Africa enjoying the World Cup. It's a must read for all of us that wish we were over there too.

A whole post and I haven't mentioned
it once and no sign of a spreadsheet!

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