Saturday, 24 July 2010

A Blog To Remember

It is sad to see that Adam Heathcotes blog heads my three month death row list and is just two weeks away from execution.
Every trader who has ever explored the blog scene would have come across his blog and formed their own opinion as to it's authenticity. It is hard to think that Adam would have gone to all the trouble of writing pure fantasy and somehow posting false P&L's for an entire year but then again how is it possible for anyone to acheive profits of almost £300,000 in 12 months?

His final post has also brought much conversation as to whether the previous year had taken it's toll with strange talk of the essential glass of water and the dreaded slow hand!  For me, he was a breath of fresh air that offered hope to all of us that are desperately seeking that elusive holy grail.

I have sent him a comment in the hope that he is still reading them with a request that he updates his blog. I really hope he does.

I have really got back into the zone with horses as I recorded my consecutive ton only for the day to be spoiled by the football markets. It is even worse than the P&L shows as there is an £86 loss on a Brazilian game that was settled in Sundays P&L so it will be hard work to turn that into profit. Roll on the Grand Prix.  I certainly need some strong advice from John at Betfair Profit & Loss as he certainly knows how to nail the football market.


Cassini said...

It was a year-long sales pitch for a poor trading 'advice' service that made him about six thousand...

Andy R said...

Hi Andy

A fellow Andy here...enjoying following your blog, good to know that we all enjoy the same struggles!!

Impressed with your spreadsheet setup, would it be possible to drop a copy of them to me via e-mail.

Keep up the good work.

Andy R

Handy Andy said...

Thanks for the archive link. He really opened up a massive debate at the time. I notice the site is still up but no doubt there is nobody at home!

Whilst I have always sat on the fence, you have always been in the sceptical camp but how do you explain his video on 13/2/2009. How can anyone invent what looks like a live recording of him scrolling through his Betfair account.

I hope he responds to the comment I left him. It would be interesting to hear how he is spending his £306,000

Handy Andy said...

Andy R, no problem to send it to you but you didn't leave me your email address. Send it to me via the comments. I won't put it on the blog.

Anonymous said...

lol, just read the comments on those archive posts then saw Cassini's pic.

"Stephen Hughes said...

sorry, but you are clearly a miserable old man.

Your the type of bloke that would marry a Thai bride, sport a little beard and wear crocs."

FWIW I've always been a bit sceptical about the AH blog being a PR exercise but certainly don't doubt the profits he posted

Anonymous said...

I for one was always sceptical of Adam Heathcote who himself has declared on his blog from the start,
Quote: I completed a Computer Science BSc at Exeter University with a 2:1....

Tell me he isn't capable of some computer wizardry to fudge results and video replays etc and i will show you a man who's sales pitch went on to nothing compared to his claims of success!


Anonymous said...

A blog not to remember, Adam cheatcote.


Anonymous said...

The way Adam was treated I seriously doubt any professional traders will ever attempt to blog again.