Sunday, 25 July 2010


It was always going to be an uphill task to gain profit today after the £86 loss thanks to the Brazilian game last night. I don't normally lose that much on one game but what can you do when you fall asleep and wake up with just 10 minutes of the game left! I have said before that you shouldn't trade when tired so another broken rule has cost me.

My opening move in the Grand Prix was to lay Alonso before the start. As the race progressed I switched positions and ended up with an all green book of just £12. Unfortunately I was already concentrating on the horses when Ferrari hinted at Massa to let Alonso through otherwise I would have dived in with everyone else. I probably wouldn't have picked up anything anyway.

The horse session was poor simply because of a mixture of trying too hard and being a complete arse. My mind was focused on reducing the deficit rather than just taking it steady race by race. I know that to trade successfully you need to be mentally stable and I definitely wasn't. I was scraping for everything I could including backing £100 at 1.08 at the Mabait photo because he had clearly won and it was an easy six quid. I lost £40 as the dead heat was announced. I would never ever do anything like that!

I laid £100 at 1.25 on Frontline Phantom as he battled with Robbie in the last at Carlisle. I got matched and the price immediately jumped to 3.5ish which would have netted me £60 but I was too slow and it went on to win.

Other badly traded races meant that the I ended with a horse loss of £128.37.

As I write Taylor is 8-7 up and I have a £200 lay at 1.12 to get me out of jail. More hope than judgement.

More later.......


Anonymous said...

Why are you trying to chase back £86? You'd make that back over the week easily enough but messing around with your strategy is only going to lead to one thing

Handy Andy said...

I was chasing coz I am a complete arse.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I did warn you, wasn't written as some 'told you so' comment just from personal experience.

Don't beat yourself up over it just accept it's gone and forget about it. As long as you learn from the experience and avoid doing it again it'll be money well spent, again just a bit of personal experience :)