Sunday, 4 July 2010

The Cash Master

It's been an interesting couple of days. Firstly there's the horses. £178 on Saturday and £95 for only a handful of races today. This is no coincedence because my strategy for the latter half of Saturday and all the races I traded today was based on the activity of one person!

I called this person an Idiot punter earlier this week but because the actions of he/she has now started to comfortably make me money over the last 24 hours, they will be referred to as the 'Cash Master'. Everyone who trades the horses religiously will know who I am talking about. Those massive chunks of cash that populate the market occasionally that drop the price faster than Orlando's Tower of Terror are not spoof bets and whatever CM's trading strategy is I hope he/she is here to stay as I am reading CM well. I know that in this game a good strategy does not last forever which is naturally why I won't be revealing it. Eventually everyone ends up reading the moves and in time it is all nullified so I will be happy while it lasts!

Did anyone notice that CM put in a huge bet just a couple of seconds before the start of an Irish race where they must have been matched for quite a bit coz they went in play which stuck out like sore thumb! They must have cash to burn!

One thing I will say is that the Geeks Toy (free trading software) was a major factor to my strategy with it's lightening speed. I recommend clicking on the banner and taking the plunge. I am not on any referal scheme so there is nothing in it for me.

Unfortunately for me my laptop is being sent away for a week to be repaired as half the screen is dark red. This will mean that when I trade the evening horses on the family PC I will not be seeing pictures which always makes me a little uncomfortable.

In contrast to the horses there is the Tennis. Tradeshark had another live session where he traded the ladies final. I decided to copy his moves using half his stakes. He ended up profiting with £55 and I lost £8. Work that one out!  I can't even follow correctly!  Today I traded the mens final and lost £38. Perhaps Tennis and me and not meant to be!

Then there's the football. I was looking around to see if there was anything decent to get me over £100 today. Yes I know that I shouldn't be using targets but I am only human! So I went for the Norwegian classic of Lillestrom v Valerenga. I laid the draw for £50 with a liability of around £130 and at half time it was 0-0. My exit stategy is to part trade out at about 60 minutes and look for other markets within the same game to help reduce the loss.Three minutes before I aim to exit Valerenga score. It would have been better if the home team scored but at least I was even. I waited a couple of minutes and then I went to trade out completely with a loss of £1. One of the great features of Geek is that you see the trade counting down and with one second to go it suspended. First thing I thought was 'damn it's going to be 1-1' but lucky for me it went 0-2. As soon as it unsuspended I put in my closing trade with an all green profit of £34. Would you believe it........with one second to go it suspended again.....and I got lucky again as the score went to 0-3 and I could finaly exit with a profit after comission of £44.

The game ended 1-4.

I am not getting carried away as I know too well that things can turn against me but I am determined not to make the same stupid mistakes that cost me so much last month.


Curly said...

I've never understood the horse racing markets, and I'm not sure why. My trading style for other sports should lend itself well to horses. I have no interest whatsoever in horse racing whether this is the issue, who knows.

Anyway, 'the Cash Master' or if not him, his twin the 'Automated Teller Machine' operates across many sports, I've seen him act inplay in low liquidity tennis matches often, occasionally cricket matches too.

He single-handedly disproves EMH, well him and the guy from this link (taken from Scott Ferguson's blog)

Congratulations on a decent few days.

sledge13 said...

Very nice results m8...

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,
Just to say you have the best brightest and most interesting blog out there!
Can i ask,did you devise your own spreadsheets and if so could i buy a copy off you?
Thanks Mick

Handy Andy said...

Hi Mick,

It's nice to know that you find it interesting. I just say it how it is!

If you send me your email address via the comment(obviously I won't publish it) I will send you the spreadsheet.