Friday, 16 July 2010

The Inevitable Day

It seems almost inevitable that I have one very bad day during the middle of the month and this month hasn't disappointed. Having lost £25 on the first evening race I traded, my broadband  router decided to reboot just as the following race was about to start leaving me with an open liability of £164. There was no time to put the backup plan into action as the 5f race started and I just kept my fingers crossed that Piazza didn't win. It had a bad start but typically it came through just as the finish line fast approached. 

What is even more frustrating is that my decision not to chase cost me too. I know it's the best decision over the long term but  if I would have taken the plunge I would be in the green.

Am I superstitious? I am not sure, but this is the second time that I have seriously thought of withdrawing some cash on the morning of a  big loss and as I look through my records I can see that I have one big loss of over £101 per month which seems to occur during the middle of each month.

13/4 243.94
9/5   192.17
14/6 357.68
15/7 175.35

Oh well....onwards and upwards!


Rod Hull said...


I enjoy reading your blog, would you like to swap links? I've added yours to mine already.


Mets said...

Hi Andy,

Hardware faults are a pain in the bum. It doesn't help that those 5f races are decided very quickly leaving little time to get out of trouble, even with a backup computer to-hand.

Fair play though for posting up the good and the bad - most bloggers seem to disappear after a fall.

Your progress is fairly similar to mine, ups and downs but overall up.

I've withdrawn a fair bit of my bank now to protect my profit. That way, even if it goes terribly wrong I can only lose the little bit in there.

With so many factors against us traders, it takes a lot of resolve to overcome adversity and plough on.

Keep on ploughing! :)