Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A Late Slog To A Century

I didn't do much trading on Tuesday but had a steady evening session tonight that took me to £67. There was not too much on the TV after 9.30pm so I flicked over to ATR to see Matt Chapman presenting the US races. He really does lift what is usually quite a boring show. I made my decision to trade the races until I had added the £33 necessary to reach £100. It was very slow progress and I was still short when the main show ended so I continued on until one of the last races before midnight when I was mid trading when the race suspended a little early and I was left with an open position with a loss of £55 if the favourite won. Thankfully the coin came up on my side this time and I bagged £29. 

I think I will give the US races a miss next time and just accept the initial profit.

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