Monday, 20 September 2010

25 Minutes of Heart Stopping Hell

Early this morning I had already decided to trade the Deportivo Getafe match and my strategy of a slight variation of AA was confirmed when I checked all the odds 30 minutes before kick off. 

The one thing this strategy needs is a steady stream of goals and things could have been better at half time with the score 0-1 but it wasn't necessarily a bad position to be in. I had been doing a few little bets here and there throughout the first half to keep my position as strong as possible. The best scenario for me was a score of 2-1 about midway through the half but I wasn't really expecting it as Getafe were the better team. However two penalties in quick succession converted by Deportivo overturned the score into my ultimate position of 2-1 at 57 minutes.

As you can see from the above, I was in a very strong position for my staking levels and I could green off both 2-1 and 2-2 and other scores which would have given me about £100 across all the future scores plus I had a profit on the over 2.5 market. 

I was in heaven........but was still suspended. My heart missed a beat, It was like someone was watching me and saying oh no you don't!  Fate had shown it's hand and I was left high and dry and totally helpless as the game was being playing out and there was nothing I could do about it. Apparently the Betdaq market was fine so I am not sure what the problem was.

3-1 and I would be well and truly stuffed. 2-2 was good but I would lose out on the greening up of 2-1. On 70 minutes my heart sank as Getafe equalised. It would still be excellent profit if the game stayed 2-2 but because I was not able to put in a few bets on other scores my position was weak if another Getafe goal went in. Why does it happen to me!

The suspension continued until 80 minutes when suddenly it was lifted. Hooray! I just needed to wait for about a minute so that the market could settle then I placed my closing trade.....8......7......6......5.....4.....3 suspended again! By this time I was screaming obscenities at the computer and typing them in the chat room. It didn't make me feel any better and then my wife came into the room and had a go at me for my bad language and to stop acting like one of the kids! I told her to get ready to call the ambulance if I keel over in the next few minutes!

Three long minutes had passed and the suspension was lifted again and I had to go through the hell of waiting for one minute before finally getting my final trade in to secure £75.

The game ended 2-2 and after all that happened I said to myself, it was a shame that the suspension was lifted as I would have won £123. I still see that 2-1 and think what a waste of a profit. I wasn't the only one using the AA strategy so at least we were all in this hell together but everyone else in the chat room was very supportive. Unlike on the Betfair forum where abuse is part of the furniture!

Adster and Bingo run the Trading Football service but they were not in the chat room tonight. They don't need to be there all the time as the service continues with all members supporting each other in their individual strategy. Their latest post states that they have the best Football chat room on the net. You would expect them to say that but it truly is.

You only have to look at my  football results in September to see how things have changed. That's why it is so important to keep records.

By the way don't ask me what the AA strategy is. You will have to pay £25 like everyone else to find out but it's cash well spent!


KO'D said...

or i could just pay you £5's :) haha i joke!
Nice post mate! Glad to see its going well

gundulf said...

Got a tad hairy, Andy, didn't it? I felt for you, and some of the other guys, sweating it out!