Saturday, 18 September 2010

Winning Isn't Everything.....Is It?

Blogging is all about sharing information. Had I not subscribed to Trading Times I would never have discovered about the website Bettor Logic.  An absolutely marvellous tool for instantly examining almost every football stat possible. Perfect for my recent restructure of my football strategy. Thanks Eddy.

Bettor Logic has a 14 day trial period and after that it is £20 per month. This tool and my monthly subscription of £25 to Trading Football plus a load of their videos is a significant investment and not one that I have taken lightly but £45 is my target profit for each game. Football and particularly my high flying QPR is my passion so it is only sensible that I really hone in my trading skills in this sport.

I am enjoying it
while it lasts!

In stark contrast to this is the unbearable torture of what is US horse racing. Having said that I suppose it can't be totally unbearable if I continue to watch it but it comes pretty close. There is no doubt that I have a good skill at it as I am consistently profiting but unfortunately the satisfaction of profits doesn't outweigh the non enjoyment of the sport. I accumulated £44 for about two hours work between 10 and midnight but I don't want to be doing this every late evening. I am not desperate.

UK horse racing as a sport doesn't ring all my bells either but the various types of racing (flat, hurdles, chase, short and long distance) the buzz of the fast moving ladders, the decent pre-race commentary and the occasional ability to delve in play makes it a totally different experience to the US format.

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